The butterfly:

With God's help we hope to be able to do something good for others.

Our prayer is that we're always present where the need is.

We work wholistic (across all borders - country, nationality, culture, age, sex & denomination).

The colours:

Encouraging peaceful co-existence...

Sharing the Christian


Bringing hope to the hopeless...

About Us:

- HELP was started in 2008 as the beginning of an international charity organization reaching out to people in desperate need!

- HELP is a cross-cultural and nondenominational

organization founded both in Denmark and in Nigeria.

- The elegant butterfly” is a part of the organization's logo, because:

  - butterflies are said to bring good

    luck to the person they land on.

  - butterflies have big eyes and

    long antennas, so they notice 


  - butterflies cross borders during

    their long migrates.

- HELP's logo also includes different

colours (which are the same as the colours of the Danish and Nigerian flags):

  - White: The colour of peace and


  - Red: The colour of love!

  - Green: The colour of hope and



HELP is a newly started organization with CVR-nr: 35716386 and operates under Missionsfonden nr: 5555. Founded in 2008 by Jette & Ezekiel Danok, Holstebro, Denmark.

We presently have 210 registered members (and the number is still increasing). We get support from several persons and different churches, f.ex. Hejnsvig, where the project also was founded, and Norrelandskirken, Holstebro.

HELP works with health and mission in Nigeria in West-Africa. Work is based upon Christian values and Biblical background, but reaches out to all in need, despite religion, race, sex, age etc.

HELP also works with improving peoples’ health through preventive measures in its project approach, f.ex. by digging a borehole in 2011, and completed the building of a community clinic which started operation dated 10th June 2013 with 12 staff (9 medical personal & 3 security guards + 2 volunteers).

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