We're trying to collect alot of material things to fill a big container to send to Nigeria later – do you know where to buy/rent such a container + truck?

Get Involved:

With your support, HELP int. will dig 8 more boreholes @ 3000$ per borehole in 8 identified disadvantage communities.

They lack improved sanitation facilities, and still use unsafe drinking water sources while some of the communities travel miles with collecting items in search of water.

- Help financially or materially: You can donate by contacting us or wherever you see us working.

- Help practically: Come as a volunteer and be part of our ministry; both the health care section and the evangelism team needs extra hands!

- Be a local supporter: As a local supporter you can help us in a variety of ways; by advertising any of our events in your home, church, fellowship, school etc. or starting a fund raising or collection of things to donate to HELP.


Unless the LORD is with us,

our work is in vain!

In search of water...

Functional Borehole dug by HELP.

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